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Shoryu Ramen

You’ve got to love a soft launch, especially one that offers 50% off of the menu, and you’ve got to love it even more when you get there and the staff bang a drum and they all cheer as you enter!

A great start to my flying lunchtime visit to Shoryu on Regents Street. I opted for the Piri Piri Tonkotsu which was spicy enough to be more’ish but not so much that I was sweating and worried about finishing what seemed like a never ending bowl of ramen!


I chose to wash down the spicy broth with some fragrant jasmine tea. I don’t know whether it was because its just opened and was full of food bloggers or whether that’s just how the lunch time trade pans out but it was full of lone diners. That many lone male diners tapping away on their iPhones would have you believe you’d wandered into a Grindr meet-up but everyone was chatty and the staff were warm and helpful – all in all a lovely atmosphere.


Restricted menu eateries are so en vogue right now you could easily tire of them, but for a lunch time visit, this one is definitely worth it. Though I’d fear the 50% off is what really made it shine.

If they can keep a bowl of ramen and a tea to under a tenner then I’d put them well above other Asian noodle joints.


by @Jarvdesign



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