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It’s pretty hard to review Supperclub – an ever evolving “feast for all senses”….but I’ll give it a go. 

On arrival you’re given a sticker and kept in a holding pen to buy expensive cocktails until you’re shown to your table, or if you’re lucky, bed.


On this particular night we were greeted by a hot chick wearing nothing but a pair of knickers and hard core black tape crossed over each boob. So not one to take your mum to, except I had. My bad.


For the £45 price tag you can expect a 3 course set menu interspersed with performance art. This can and will include anything from a tight-rope walker wearing too much eyeliner, to someone cutting up icing sugar before proceeding to ‘snort’ it.


All in all an “entertaining eat”. It may not be the best value for money food-wise but you’ll watch pert breasts while eating one in a very white room. Can you put a price on that?


by @Staceysssssss

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