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DIY Sloppy Joe Kit, Riding House at Home

DIY SLOPPPY JOE Riding House at Home

The DIY kits keep coming and here at Crummbs, we don’t want them to stop. Brightening up our meal times without us even having to leave the house, the latest restaurant-quality feast we’ve put to the test is the DIY Sloppy Joe Kit from Riding House at Home. It’s a collaboration with Loyal Tavern Chef Patron, Tom Cenci and let’s be honest – it’s utter filth.

Each kit feeds two, containing a mound of chipotle-braised lamb mince (which just needs gently warming up in a pan for 5 minutes) four large slices of cheddar cheese which melts on contact with the hot mince and two golden brioche buns to slide everything into. Whilst you wait for the mince to get piping hot, you’ll need to slice the buns, give them a slick of butter (included) and toast them in a pan. That’s the easy bit – eating your monster creation is altogether harder but as long as you have a bib you should be fine. Either way, it’s worth it!

Also available as part of their DIY offering, is tea-brined chicken with miso smoked potato salad, smoked applewood cheeseburger and good ol’ fashioned cookie dough for dessert.

To get your feast, head over to Riding House at Home for the full menu:

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