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Sackville’s is the kind of place I imagine Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, et al, hanging out, post catwalk, draped in fur and smoking cigars.

It conjures up that kind of moody 80’s decadence and boy was it fun!

This is not a meal to be rushed so start with a cocktail in the candle-lit basement – we loved Bubbles are Forever – aromatic timur pepper infused rhubarb liqueur and Champagne.


Sackville’s, located on a back street near Piccadilly, (or Mayfair if you want to play along), is all about the truffle! Not a dish is un-truffled. At first glance you think it’s all a bit much, a mere gimmick. But in reality, no truffle is used unnecessarily or too heavily. The dishes here showcase the versatility of truffle, as opposed to just hastily adding a shaving to everything as it leaves the kitchen.

It would be easy to describe Sackville’s as a city-boy’s dream, and while it probably is, the velvet booths, the intimate cocktail bar & the truffle (oh the TRUFFLE!) manage to create a finesse that far exceeds that.

You may have heard that the menu boasts London’s most expensive burger (heart of Wagyu rib-eye, foie gras, truffle mayo, foie gras buttered brioche) and predictably, that’s what the table of 3 men next to us went for.

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However there is more to this menu then that.

We recommend sharing a couple of dishes to start – the Truffle Hunt is a popular medley of marinated mushrooms, truffle salami & truffle dust. While the Asparagus with gremolata & truffle drizzle was a great light base on which to bring on the meat!

USDA Rib Eye steak was our top pick – it had a gorgeous charred & salty skin & came served with the sweetest carrots I’ve ever eaten. If you are THAT pretentious you do have the option of adding fresh truffle shavings for an additional £30. I bet the later it gets the more this happens. (This place keeps serving until 11pm – so decadent!)

Sides are just as strong, be virtuous and go for the wilted butter kale or (like me) order the truffle mac n cheese.


Don’t leave before you’ve ordered the chocolate burger. Trust us here. A macaroon ‘bap’ sandwiches a gooey chocolate fondant ‘patty’ with strawberry & cream ‘ketchup & mayo’ on the side.


Wash it down with a shot of truffle vodka – this stuff smells heavenly!

London’s most expensive burger and a chocolate burger all under the same roof – hell yea!

Truffle Lover’s take note – Sackville’s really is a must-visit.

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