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Turn sour into sweet with a ‘miracle’ berry!

From Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th September, London’s first flavour-altering café will pop up in public toilet turned café, The Attendant.

Inside, customers will have the chance to experience a twist on classic flavours. The event will use the science behind the miraculin berry to bring out the sweet side of traditionally bitter and sour foods. From plain yoghurt made to taste like vanilla ice cream, to lemons as sweet as lemonade and of course a black espresso, no sugar needed, it’s the chance to taste foods like you’ve never tasted them before!

Miraculin, commonly referred to as the ‘miracle berry’, is a natural taste-modifier that binds on the tongue to heighten sweet taste receptors and send a signal to the brain to drown sour tastes with sweetness.

The event is open to those aged 18 and over and entry is free. With each espresso purchased, guests will receive a miraculin berry, a sampling plate and, for smokers, a blu eCig. 


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