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Breddos Taqueria Kingly Street

We’ve got a lotta love for those Breddos bros, so we were super excited to see what their second restaurant had in store for us!

We’re pleased to say Kingly Street is even bigger and better than the first (and that was bloody good!)

Just like the Clerkenwell joint, Breddos has a mix of booths and counter seating, but they’ve also snuck in a basement Mescal and Margarita bar where drinks will be flowing ‘till late, 7 days a week.

Some of our old favourites are still on the menu (masa fried chicken tacos, we’re looking at you!) but there’s also tons of new stuff going on too – so well worth a visit.

We started our night with a measure of sipping tequila (just suck the orange if it all gets too much) and ordered a round of frozen margaritas. Dishes are served as and when they arrive and you’re best off sharing. First up was the crab & bone marrow nachos habanero kosho with cured egg yolk. Kind of hard to explain, it’s a spicy little number – just scoop it all up with the soft nachos.

Next up came the serious cheese porn you might have seen all over your Insta, otherwise known as Queso Fundido. It’s all kinds of melty goodness, and we added braised oxtail, because we could. It’s served with crispy totopos for more scooping action. We never thought we could get SO excited about corn on the cob – and then we tried Breddos Elote. Two big ol’ ears are served on top of tons of habanero mayonnaise before being generously sprinkled with Montgomery cheddar – they even went to the trouble of plaiting the green bit – cute! A bit messy so maybe not one for a first date.

Despite not being HUGE fans of octopus, our lovely waiter was so excited so we just had to try it. And boy was it good. Like, maybe the best octopus we’ve EVER had. We know, we know. It’s marinated in Mole Amarillo which is kind of dark and sweet and syrupy and gorgeous. A must order for sure.

You’ll be pretty full by this point but save just enough room to squeeze in dessert. It’s all about the soft serve ice cream churro sandwiches which look a bit like Princess Leia.


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