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Tessendier launch premium Park Cognac and 8 Place du Marché in the UK

We paid a visit to Dans Le Noir to taste Tessendier & Fils Park Cognac and 8 Place du Marché Wine…

Renowned dining in the dark restaurant, Dans le Noir? is the first to stock the Park Cognac before it will be rolled out to other prestigious hotels and restaurants within the UK. Having won ‘Best of Category 2016’ award by the American Distilling Institute it was a definite treat to sample this cognac ahead of its roll out – made even better by the experience of tasting it in pure darkness.


Dans le Noir


As of this month you can now visit Dans le Noir’s famous dark room where textures and flavours are heightened as guests completely abandon their visual sense. Diners of the restaurant will be able to taste some of the finest Cognac in the world in complete darkness, providing a unique sensory and social experience.




The gourmet orientated wine brand 8 Place du Marché is alos now in stock and were fell in love with their semi-sweet offering. The perfect balance of sweetness.  The brand also includes a red, white and rose blend. The wines were created after Jérôme and his friends, Les Gourmets du Vin, travelled around France tasting different grapes from different regions. Eventually, they settled on the South West and the result was 8 Place du Marché. Reflecting on memories he and his friends shared tasting wines and enjoying meals at Number 8 Market Place, Les Gourmets du Vin named the wines in honour of this period in their life.

http://london.danslenoir.com/  |  http://www.cognac-tessendier.com/

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