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Rosa’s Thai Cafe Soho

Rosa’s Thai Cafe in Soho has launched a new menu based on classic Southern Thai dishes. Different to most of the usual Thai dishes we know and love, food from this region features a lot of salt-water fish, turmeric and bird’s eye chillies. 

The region has many influences all reflected in their culinary style, different dishes see hints of Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese cooking. They also LOVE their chilli, with many dishes packing a real punch!

“Southern Thai cuisine is one of my favourite styles of Thai cooking,” says Head Chef and co-founder, Saiphin Moore. “It’s very different to some of the more famous dishes, but the flavours and spices are fantastic. I’m looking forward to helping our customers discover some new favourites.”

We were shown a selection of dishes from the menu and they were a refreshing change from our usual choice (Pad Thai every time anyone?). The Spicy Orange Curry is a classic dish for the region – a spicy and sour orange curry with papaya chunks and prawns – this one lives up to its name, it is spicy! If you’re wary of heat this one might not be for you but if you like chilli order this with a side of rice and you’ll be very happy.

Possibly our favourite dish was the Seabass with Turmeric, served whole after being marinated in a turmeric and herb paste and then deep fried. The fish was light and fragrant with crispy skin which we LOVE!

The Smoked Mackerel Curry, a traditional Southern curry made without coconut milk, and the Tuna Yellow Curry, made with tuna and fish balls, are both served with rice noodles and are made for two to share (or one hungry person!)

If you fancy trying your hand at one of the new dishes, three of the recipes can be found on Rosa’s website, in their new recipe section: http://rosasthaicafe.com/recipes

The new menu is the first in a series of regional menus to be introduced across Rosa’s nine sites in London to introduce people to the wide and varied Thai culinary landscape. We look forward to trying every region!

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