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“We Meat on Sundays” at Petit Pois

Sunday’s are all about the good ol’ Sunday Roast – right? Well, Petit Pois have just taken things up a notch with their inaugural “We Meat on Sundays” club. The French bistro have launched a monthly ‘meat up’ celebrating all things steak.

Veggies look away now, you are most def not welcome here. Sorry!

The carnivorous feast kicked off with a fresh oyster, topped with beef dripping panko crumbs and a perfectly paired sparkling aperitif. Switch things up with a good glass of red and choose from Bone Marrow, Beef Consommé, Beef Short Rib or Ox Heart Croquettes to start. No part of the cow is wasted here! The short rib was our fave, with the sexy hunk of slow cooked meat falling straight of the bone.

But obviously the star of the show is steak. The Butchery have supplied a selection of cuts to keep everyone happy – Rump, Bavette, Flat Iron, Sirloin or Ribeye – which all come with a side and a sauce.

And the sides are STRONG – if you like potato, which we really really do. Frites are essential for dipping into the Peppercorn sauce, but we are also very partial to a pot of decadent Dauphinois. It’s a tough call but one where you can’t go wrong.

The meal is rounded off by *THAT* chocolate mousse. If you know, you know. Served family-style, you’ll get a delicious dollop of choctastic mousse with the faintest hint of orange.

There is the option to add a cheese course if you feel your arteries can handle it.

If the sun’s shining try and grab one of the cute tables outside which looks out onto the square.

Bookings are essential and can be made directly through the restaurant by visiting their website or calling +44 20 7613 3689.


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