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Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

A chain restaurant, amongst the touristy or at least overpriced places in London and with a shit name. I was slightly pessimistic about Sticks N Sushi, but there was hype that had to be investigated…

and for starters the latter point proved to do exactly what it says on the tin (and then some) They serve up food on sticks….and sushi. So I can’t really moan about that!

As for it being a chain; its a chain fresh out of Copenhagen (if you ignore that there is already a branch in Wimbledon, because who goes to Wimbledon??) and as such makes it more palateble for some reason!

They are just down the road from Five Guys and away from much of the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square and Covent Garden. The place is deceptively big and lively with stylish pan asian décor, dimly lit tables with retro lightbulbs and candles. Music amplifies the conversations giving it a nice late bar feel – as opposed to a manic value for money Wagamamas feel. So do not be mistaken.

We opted to sit downstairs in the quieter dining area that overlooks the open kitchen. At around 7pm we were the first down there which on the one hand made the room feel very empty and dead, but on the other it meant we could bag the corner seats giving us an intimate position and view of the entire kitchen. A spot that came recommended by the waitress and that we will now recommend to anyone visiting Sticksnsushi. Around 8pm, the downstairs filled up so don’t worry about being cut off from any atmosphere down there.




I’d already gotten a head start on the menu online and was in awe of the food and how beautiful the images were – I thought this would bode well in choosing quickly later on but I was wrong. You could stare at that menu for hours and still not know what to get unless you get everything!




The waitress passionately recommended the Ebi Bites almost to the point of being pushy. But her choice wasn’t an exaggeration. A small crunchy Tempura shrimp parcel with chilli, coriander and miso aioli that gave it the right balance of spice and creaminess that made them incredibly addictive. If you do visit SticksNSushi and don’t get a portion of these then you’re visit isn’t complete. I think I could happily return and just eat several plates of these with a few bottles of their house beer and call it a good night.


Ebi Bites

Ebi Bites


We opted for the Table for Two sushi platter (£39.50 for 32pcs) and the Man Food Platter (£19.50 for 5 sticks) which proved to be too much for us and we were happily given our remaining sushi packaged up to take away.
I couldn’t fault the sushi, it was presented well and tasted fresh. If I were to change anything it would be that id have opted for more sticks and less sushi. The goats cheese wrapped in dried ham was an amazing cheesy meaty combo and I could of eaten a few more of the pork and basil shisomaki. The meatballs weren’t the best I’ve had but the teriyaki sauce made me not care!




Even though we had to ask for a doggy bag of our unfinished sushi platter we still ordered desserts! Which did come incredibly quick (read into that however you like…) and were both a delightful mash of flavours and textures. From the smooth peanut ice-cream of my Chocolate fondant dish to its crunchy hazelnut brittle and then the soft playful miniature marshmallow of the Lemon Yuzu with meringue combined with zesty lemon pearls and refreshing sorbet.

Overall I’d go back as theres a lot to try – so I’d either go with a larger group and enjoy the atmosphere upstairs or take a friend for chat over some addictive Ebi bites a few beers and pick at the a lå carte menu.


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