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Qcumber Classics on the Canal

Despite the grey clouds looming last Wednesday, we ventured to the Grand Union Canal on the promise of cocktails and a leisurely cruise along the canal.

The sight of the Electric Barge, decorated in bunting and filled with bright flowers, coupled with a welcome drink of gin or vodka mixed with the classic Qcumber (a blend of natural cucumber and sparkling spring water) quickly changed our mood and we happily sat outside on the deck and settled in for the evening.

Starting just 2 minutes from Paddington, the trip took in the sights of Little Venice, London Zoo (despite our best efforts we sadly couldn’t see the giraffes) and then up towards Camden.


Qcumber have devised a summer cocktail menu inspired by classic works of English literature (hence Classics on the Canal, clever eh!). Drinks such as the Pride and Prejudice mix Qcumber with gin, fresh lemon juice and raspberry jam and are surprisingly delicious! Another favourite was The Importance of Being Earnest – Qcumber, fresh lemon juice, ginger syrup and Noilly Prat (a brand of Vermouth from France which we obviously knew and definitely didn’t have to Google). We’re a sucker for ginger in our drinks!


Coupled with cucumber based snacks it was a lovely, relaxed evening and makes a change from the usual after work drinks at the pub! However, it’s certainly not one for the cucumber haters in your life!

Dates: Friday 24th July | Thursday 30th July | Thursday 6th August | Thursday 13th August
Venue: The Electric Barge
Tickets: Available via YPlan app, £12 per ticket (limited number of tickets for sale on the door)

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