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Pedler, Peckham

Peckham has got it going oooonnnnn at the moment – and that is partly in thanks to new neighbourhood restaurant Pedler.

We visited on a cold Tuesday night in January and it exuded the most warming, glowing atmosphere the second we got through the door.

Beautifully decorated in that odds and ends vintage style that your Nan never quite nailed, grab a table or prop up the bar.

Plates here are designed for sharing & get progressively bigger as you work your way down the menu, being served as and when they are ready – perfect for girlie catch up’s or romantic rendezvous.

Kick things off with some fancy pants pork scratchings, or as they are known here Lard-y-dah’s & it’s recommended to get about 2-2 & a ½ plates per person.


We opted for pumpkin & chive arancini with balsamic mayo – despite being the first (so therefore smallest) option on the menu, we got a plentiful plate of 5 balls for £5.

Smoked & poached salmon with lemon kale pesto was served in a cute mason jar alongside seeded crackers – just perfect! Again, a large portion, perfectly seasoned and presented so you almost didn’t want to mess it up…. but do, it was one of the highlights of the meal!


Melt in the mouth braised oxtail was served atop a beetroot soup, while the brown butter shallots added a sweet crunch. Puff “pizza” was piled high with duck, red onions and swiss chard.

We were toying with the idea with ordering the roasted cod with purple broccoli & curried mussels but were advised it might have been a bit much! I’m glad we listened because we finished feeling full but not in a food coma – which meant only one thing – DESSERT!


The Banoffee Pie was light and tasty and the glazed chocolate mousse was a big slab of the dark stuff lovingly served next to a dollop of ginger Chantilly. Coffee was good & strong, just how we like em!


The cocktail list is impressively hard hitting, Bourbon, beer & jam being our fav, while the wine list offers a decent selection with useful descriptions (we loved the Primitivo with “Gorgeous aromas of blackberry & chocolate, fruity sweetness”) without being overwhelming.


If we added up correctly the whole meal would have come to about £60 odd quid including drinks. Which is quite frankly, stealing. Book a table now!


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