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Crummbs gets Healthy!

You might have noticed our normally gluttonous Instagram feed took a turn for the healthy this month (like most of the population!)

But trust us, the health trend isn’t going anywhere! If you are feeling inspired, we’ve got a roundup of the best healthy cookbooks around!

Honestly Healthy

Honestly Healthy

By Natasha Corrett

Good for…. A complete body overhaul.

Natasha’s recipes centre around the alkaline way of eating and the book is set out in cleanses of various lengths – be brave and embark on the 30 day life changing cleanse! (It’s actually not as hard as it sounds – it includes brownies for goodness sake!)


Our favourite recipe…. Our favourite recipe…. Lentil broccoli burgers with tahini dressing or the Butternut Squash & Butterbean Curry

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A Modern Way to EatA Modern Way to Eat

By Anna Jones

Good for…. If you are new to healthy eating.

These recipes don’t look or taste particularly hardcore healthy and use a lot of ingredients you’ll probably be used to eating. Although all of the recipes in the book are vegetarian, Hackney based Anna doesn’t suggest this is a book for vegetarians. Instead she realises that a lot of people are now preferring to cut down on their meat intake and instead eat beautiful meals that make them feel their best.


Our favourite recipe…. Lemon-roasted feta with traffic-light tomatoes for dinner and A “new” Eggs Benedict.

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Hemsley + HemsleyHemsley + Hemsley The Art of Eating Well

by Jasmine Hemsley & Melissa Hemsley

Good for…. The boy’s!

The gorgeous Hemsley sisters provide both meat & vegetarian meals which keeps my boyfriend very happy! Although I must admit the love of bone broth scares us, we are still yet to ask the butcher for leftover bones! Haha! These meals feel perfect for having friends over because of the inclusion of good quality whole food (including meat!)


Our favourite recipe…. Sesame Chicken Salad with Cucumber Noodles or Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Rice with red cabbage salad – perfect for these cold nights!

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Deliciously EllaDeliciously Ella: Awesome Ingredients, Incredible Food That You and Your Body Will Love

By Ella Woodward

Good for…. The hype!

We pre-ordered this book before Christmas and so many people did the same that the book’s release date had to be pushed back to cope with the demand! It’s currently the number one best selling book on Amazon!

Our favourite recipe….we don’t know yet but the lovely Ella promises 100 new sugar, gluten and dairy-free recipes designed to help you glow from the inside out.

And if the book is anywhere near as good as her website you’ll love it – we eat her kale salad for lunch almost every day & bake her banana bread most Sundays!

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For more healthy inspiration make sure you follow us over on Instagram where we’ll be following the 70/30 rule! 70% of the time you’ll find healthy meals, 30% not so much 😉

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