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Pecking Order 4th July Party!

Pecking Order

The 4th July isn’t just the date our favourite restaurants start re-opening, we’re also here to tell you about the brand new launches!

Introducing Pecking Order – a new delivery kitchen that promises to bring the fearsome heat of Nashville hot chicken to Londoners. With three different spice levels — Spice Up Your Life (medium), Hot in Here (hot), or Fire It Up (gonna blow your head off) — the question is, how hot can you  go? Answer: not very, don’t tell anyone but I’m a lemon and herb kinda girl.

Inspired by visits to Nashville’s legendary hot fried chicken spots, Pecking Order’s free-range chicken is salted overnight before being double dredged in a special Tabasco buttermilk marinade to give it that
super crisp crunch. Once fried, it’s coated in a fiery Cayenne spicy paste – the more you add, the bigger the burn – you’ve been warned. Pecking Order’s special secret sauce is also key, pimping up the slaw and the sandwiches.

Pecking Order will launch with a two-day takeover of the outdoor terrace of Albie in Southwark with a fun 4th of July party from 2pm ‘til the fried chicken runs out — anyone is welcome to swing by. There will be special meal deals available all weekend meaning you can grab the Saucy Sandwich and a beer, or The Cuckoo’s Nest two-piece tray with fries, slaw and a beer for £10 each.

Helping the good vibes flow, expect pints of frozen Miami Vice cocktail (half frozen piña colada and half frozen strawberry daiquiri — if that doesn’t sound like the drink of the summer, I’m not sure what does), beer pong and foosball outside for all to enjoy.

Instagram: @peckingorderldn

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