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Take Eat Easy

Everyone knows there is now an app for literally EVERYTHING.

But really, what’s the number one thing we want on demand? It’s always always FOOD.

Long gone are the days when your only choice was Indian or Chinese, London now has access to every cuisine imaginable thanks to delivery babes Take Eat Easy.

Already huge across Europe, Take Eat Easy is finally available in London, and with it comes a whole range of takeaway options like you won’t believe.

We were lucky enough to try Take Eat Easy out for a whole month and in that time feasted on Beijing Street Food, Italian Tapas, Award-Winning Sushi and hearty British fare from top Chef Ollie Dabbous!

Where else can you do all that, aye?

Just pop in your postcode and all the options available in your area show up, with a real time delivery clock. Right now I could get authentic Italian Vegetarian restaurant, Amico Bio, delivered to me within 23 mins for example. Go on try it, it’s fun!

Ordering is really easy and we found the beautiful photos of the food to be exactly what shows up to your door. No nasty surprises here!
If you’re feeling particularly hangry you can track the order in real time so you know where your driver & his eco-friendly push bike is at all times, and they are the friendliest when they arrive.


Highlights of the month include………

Mama Lans Pork Buns – slightly crispy and packed full of pulled pork, they arrive with a side pot of cucumber ribbons to keep everything fresh.

Take Eat Easy

Goppa’s namesake – Goppa Pizza is the one to order. Ooozy Taleggio is perfectly balanced with the slightly bitter Radicchio and salty Speck.

Take Eat Easy

Barnyard’s rare slices of roast beef on toast with watercress, pickles & warm garlic buttermilk dressing is comfort food at its best. They even deliver the craft ale you’d get in the restaurant!

Take Eat Easy - Barnyard

From Salmontini it’s a tossup between the showy Dragon roll or the crispy salmon salad. You won’t regret ordering them both.


With a flat delivery cost of just £2.50 it’s time you sit back, relax and make your selection.


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