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Barnyard is the kind of place you’ll  pop in after work – before accidently staying for dinner.

There is a warm, buzzy bar atmosphere at the front which may have something to do with their special range of Shandies. YES, Shandies! But not like you had as a kid (please don’t call Social Services), these are spruced up with all kinds of exciting flavours. Our favourite was the Country House Shandy with elderflower, lemon, ginger ale, bourbon AND Goose Island IPA!


Out back, plates are designed to be shared so we started with a very generous helping of Smoked butter & mushroom croquettes and a plate of thinly sliced and perfectly seasoned lamb with rosemary.

Mains are slightly on the small side so you’ll definitely want to delve into the delicious sides. The charred broccoli came in a creamy vinaigrette and went well with the Roast Beef on Toast – make sure you’re liberal when adding the warm garlic buttermilk served on the side.

Meanwhile chunky chips were the obvious addition to Barnyard’s take on black pudding bubble & squeak stacked with crispy bacon, & a perfectly fried egg. The yolk was totally Instagram worthy.


The dessert menu was small but features the classics given a twist – Apple & Clouldberry crumble had a delicious crust and was cooled down with thick clotted cream.

However if you’re anything like me you won’t be able to pass up on the Popcorn Milkshake, spiked with a short of Bourbon. A dessert in itself.

Also worth mentioning – pretty much all of this (dessert & drinks aside) can be delivered to your DOOR with Take Eat Easy.


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