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On the 20—22nd May, ExCel London will host the BBC Good Food Show Eat Well, where health focused chefs and producers will come together to showcase the versatility of the world of nutrition. With summer quickly approaching, our need for a health kick is greater than ever, so we have a pair of tickets to the show to give away PLUS a delicious healthy hamper from some of the fab producers you’ll find there. 

The Primal Pantry

The Primal Pantry

Founded by Nutritionist Suzie Walker, The Primal Pantry is the UK’s first Paleo Bar. Armed with nothing more than her kitchen blender, some dried fruit, coconut and nuts, Suzie embarked upon a mission to create the perfect Paleo bar. Five energy bars in the range, each made with no more than six ingredients and zero percent junk. Free from GMOs, gluten, grains, dairy, soy and refined sugar.

Designed to provide people living a Primal lifestyle with the opportunity to buy a natural energy snack that they could carry around on-the-go. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and cavemen (and women).

In the hamper you’ll find Hazelnut & Cacao, Coconut & Macadamia and Apple & Pecan.

You can visit them on Stand E34 at the BBC Good Food Show Summer in the City. Average price: £1.50 per bar.

Rana’s Bakery

Rana’s Bakery

Rana Roushdi was diagnosed with coeliac disease over five years ago, making her increasingly aware of people who had to or wished to avoid gluten or wheat in their diet. While most products can be made equally well without gluten; good fresh wheat bread is very hard to replicate, and it was this that Rana most missed. With the help of a team of experts in the catering industry, she set out to create Rana’s Bakery. These magic packs only require you to add water and out comes a beautiful loaf!

In the hamper you’ll find Super Sourdough, New Italian and Ingenious Flatbread.

You can visit them on Stand D20 at the BBC Good Food Show Summer in the City. Average Price: £3.50 per mix.



BelSeva was started when professional sportsmen and co-founder Patrice, decided to plant a forest of birch trees for his grandchildren to enjoy in the future. As you do. He started harvesting the natural sap of his birch trees and found his family and friends enjoyed it so much, he decided to start exporting around the world.

The drink contains micronutrients unique to the birch tree which are said to help strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol and assist with weight loss. It’s the ideal drink for sportsmen during workout or post recovery, for people with a healthy lifestyle.

In the hamper you’ll find 1 bottle of Organic Birch Water and one Birch Water with Matcha Green Tea.

You can visit them on Stand D22 at the BBC Good Food Show Summer in the City. Average Price: £2.50 per unit (330ml).



Founded by Nirali and Jag Mankodi who are returning to the BBC Good Food Shows after showcasing their product for the first time last year. After their travels around South America they unearthed a wonderful array of local cuisine, both delicious and nutritious, containing some of the world’s finest superfoods. With this knowledge they launched a range of mini, classic and sharing boxes for single and monthly subscription orders. It’s basically the answer to your mid-afternoon slump – you won’t ever won’t ever reach for the communal cookie jar again.

Boxes include Power Bites, packed with antioxidant-rich matcha, cacao and berries. Sweet Potato Savoury Granola, to satisfy a savoury tooth and is a great source of Vitamin A and fibre. Cracked Pepper & Chia Seed Crackers light and crispy chia seed crackers packed full of Omega 3s.

In the hamper you’ll find a Superfoodio box all of your own!

You can visit them on Stand D34 at the BBC Good Food Show Summer in the City. Average Price: £12.00 for one or £20.00 for two.

Miso TastyMiso Tasty

Bonnie Chung spent years sourcing the highest quality miso paste, that was 100% natural, vegetarian and gluten free. Miso is fast becoming the vital ingredient for the health‐conscious foodie. The fermented soybean paste from Japan is prized for its rich, complex umami flavours alongside its notorious health–giving properties. Unlike other instant miso soups Miso Tasty keeps their products in a paste form and package the seaweed and garnishes separately.

Miso will be selling their Soup Boxes which are only 45 calories per serving and have a high protein content and Jar Pastes ideal for a curious cook who is keen to try the many flavours and colours of miso to their meals.

In the hamper you’ll find a box of Spicy Miso Soup sachets

You can visit them on Stand F24 at the BBC Good Food Show Summer in the City. Average Price: Soup Boxes £5.00 for two or £3.00 for just one (with four soups included). Pastes will be sold at £8.00 per jar.



Started in spring 2015, they aim to provide versatile ingredients to encourage more people to start making delicious, nutritious homemade food from scratch.

At the Show they will be selling their Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which is de-husked, grated, dehydrated and pressed at an average temperature of 40°C (105°F). This production does not use solvents or other nasty chemicals. Minimal processing ensures an unadulterated product that retains the full breadth of flavour and all the natural goodness of the coconut.

RawCo is also selling their Coconut Amino Sauce, crafted from the sap of a coconut tree. It is ideal for coeliacs or those following a paleo or primal lifestyle. As the name suggests, its protein profile includes 17 amino acids. Coconut Amino Sauce can be used in exactly the same way as soy sauce. It can be added to salad dressings, marinades, stir-fries or used for dipping and basting.

In the hamper you’ll find Coconut Amino Sauce, Coconut Flour AND Coconut Oil.

You can visit them on Stand D24 at the BBC Good Food Show Summer in the City. Average Price: £6.99


Meridian Foods – Butters and Spreads

Meridian has blended its natural peanut and almond nut butters with pure coconut and a dash of honey and ground them until almost smooth to offer an utterly indulgent, yet healthy combination of taste and texture.

Nourishing the body with quality ingredients, the nut butters are packed with protein and make healthy eating an even happier choice. Coconut & Peanut Butter offers 69% roasted peanuts with 28% pure coconut, while Coconut & Almond Butter is packed with 67% roasted almonds and 29% pure coconut. Both have a dash of honey and are high in protein and potassium, rich in energy and an excellent source of Vitamin E and other minerals. We love adding a scoop to our smoothies.

In the hamper you’ll find a jar of Coconut & Almond butter.

You can visit them on Stand E14 at the BBC Good Food Show Summer in the City. Average Price: 2.49/280g jar and £3.99/170g jar


Just Bee

Just Bee was set up in 2015 by friends Joe Harper and Andy Sugden, who were inspired to turn their love for bees into a business. Honey runs in Joe’s family, as his Grandad was a beekeeper too. The Mancunian duo subsequently secured a Government Innovation Voucher, and eventually left their jobs in business advisory to pursue their passion full time.

Just Bee is a delicious infusion of fresh fruit juice, honey and spring water. It comes in three versions: Blueberry, Apple & Ginger and Lemon & Green Tea; all flavoured with a natural drop of honey. Each drink is fewer than 50 calories (and fewer than 4g of sugar per 100ml), using only honey rather than refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Just Bee is on a mission, to help save the bees. To this end, ten per cent of all profits are donated to Friends of the Honey Bee, a charity set up by the British Beekeepers Association.

In the hamper you’ll find a bottle of all three flavours and a mini packet of wildflower seeds to plant at home.

You can visit them on Stand B22 at the BBC Good Food Show Summer in the City. Pricing starts at £1.80 per carton.

Visit for more information and tickets.




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Competition closes Monday 25th April 2016. Terms & Conditions.



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