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Faraway Group Trip


This is not an ad (we always tell you when it is) but when we found about Faraway, we were so convinced that you guys would love them too that we had to share with you!

We first discovered them when the lovely Anna Hart wrote about her experience with them in Suitcase Magazine. I mean, anything with the title “SKINNY DIPPING, STAR-GAZING AND DANCING IN A SANDSTORM: A MALAWI ADVENTURE” is obviously going to pique our interest.

It’s run by a lovely husband & wife team who just seem to totally get it. The whole set up REALLY appeals to us as we love getting off the standard tourist trail, discovering exciting locations and hitting the ground running. However, we’re also CRAZZZZZZZY busy, much like most of you I’m sure. So the idea that someone could do all the research for us, leaving us just to book flights and turn up at the airport is a big selling point. I normally travel with my boyfriend, however, I also love solo travel and I really think these group trips would appeal to both. There’s only up to sixteen people (including a photographer) on each trip and we like the look of the type of people it attracts. It’s not a bunch of students, STA style, nor is it a bunch of pensioners, making the most of their retirement. It’s just a bunch of like-minded people, signing up for an adventure.

At the moment the bookings have closed for their Mozambique trip (an adventurous road trip along the stunning southern coast, exploring beautiful beaches, watching humpback whales breach in the Indian Ocean and going on a wild-camping safari) but you can still nab a space on their Malawi adventure.

Here’s what to expect…

Faraway Malawi Group Escape (24 Sept – 4 Oct 2019)

It’s an unplugged, 11-day escape, taking in private castaway islands, plateaus and waterfalls, a luxury safari and the Lake of Stars Festival. A festival? In Malawi? If you can even think of a cooler way to explore a new country than that, please do get in touch.

Sadly the dates didn’t work for us this year (turns out getting married involves quite a lot of planning) but we’re hoping to join them on a trip next year.

Full details of each trip are at, or go and give them some love over on Insta: @wearefaraway

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