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Paul A. Young and The Providores and Tapa Room team up for Chocolate Month!

Fusion Chef Peter Gordon (Providores and Tapa Room) and Artisan Chocolatier Paul A. Young have collaborated to create an exclusive array of cocktails, a four course Chocolate Tasting Menu and brunch dishes, all inspired by, and featuring some of the world’s finest chocolate. 


Dishes in the collaboration include: a cocoa-infused Bloody Mary; chocolate babaganoush; octopus, chilli, green mango, lime and chocolate sauce; den miso chocolate beef onglet; tamarind and pickled ginger petit fours; and of course, a white chocolate and strawberry mousse with pink peppercorn, pumpkin seed and a salt biscuit shard dessert.

Chocolate Month

Guests will be able to select one or all courses of the Chocolate Menu either enjoying the full Chocolate experience, or mixing and matching with regular à la carte dishes.

Throughout the month of July Peter and Paul’s chocolate petit fours will also be on sale in all 4 branches of Paul A. Young stores.

Chocolate Month

Peter Gordon and Paul A. Young will host a ticketed Chocolate Month, 4 course, wine-matched dinner at The Providores and Tapa Room for just 40 guests on 1st July at 7pm.

Tickets will be available to purchase from The Providores and Tapa Room by emailing the team from May onwards and will cost £100 per person.



Menu for Chocolate Month

Chocolate babaganoush with liquorice infused daikon, sesame cheesy wafer and tamarillo using Duffy’s 65% Dominican Republic chocolate. 


Octopus, chilli, green mango, lime, crispy garlic and shallots, salted coconut kaffir lime and chocolate sauce using Menakao 100% Madagascar chocolate.


Seared den miso chocolate beef onglet, tossed with toasted nibs, crispy buckwheat, ginger, kohlrabi, steamed shiitake and tofu using 64% Papua New Guinea chocolate.


White chocolate and strawberry mousse using Valrhona white 0% and 64%, strawberries, and a pink peppercorn, pumpkin seed, salt biscuit shard using Original Beans Virunga


Petits fours: Coconut, soy and sesame using Duffy’s 65% Dominican Republic Chocolate and Tamarind and pickled ginger with 64% Original Beans Virunga


Cocktails: Cocoa-infused Bloody Mary cocktail and Pomegranate, cocoa, coriander and ginger virgin cocktail.

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