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Sutton and Sons BYOBar

If you’re going to launch your new fish and chip shop, when better to do it then National Fish and Chips Day?!! 

Crummbs headed down to Sutton and Sons new joint in Hackney Central last week for their BYOB party, and before you assume it was another night of us getting boozed… B stands for bar… CHOCOLATE Bar!!

With other chippy’s in Stokie and Islington, you’re heading to these guys for their own recipe beer-batter that’s little on grease and big on crunch. The fish was meaty and succulent and the chips, fluffy, and HUGE!

But if the traditional fried faire isn’t what you’re after, fear not, Sutton and Sons offer grilled fish alternatives and Catch of the Day. Think chargrilled tuna burgers, a pint of prawns and lobster rolls – next level.

Salivating much yet? Well don’t stop now. Remember how we mentioned chocolate? We’ve all heard of the Scottish delicacy, the deep-fried Mars Bar… And yes, this tasty treat, along with a battered Snickers is available at Sutton and Sons, should you have room for dessert. BUT… What you do need to take note of, keen Crummbs followers, is that Sutton and Sons will batter ANY chocolate bar you take down to their new branch, any Friday in June… We can highly recommend a Boost and a Crunchie! Time to get creative!


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