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If you’ve been following along on Insta, you’ll have seen that I was recently taking part in a SEVERE detox at the FX Mayr clinic, with no booze, no chocolate and absolutely no coffee at all for a week.

The first few days were super tough, but you know what I missed more than anything else, the entire time I was there? Yep, COFFEE!!

As soon as I was back on home ground, a fresh pot of strong black coffee was the very first thing I turned too. And it seems like I’m not the only one…

CafePod Coffee Co. have conducted some rather interesting research to discover the top things that Brits rely on the most to get them through the working week. Surprise, surprise a strong cup of joe was high up on the list (33%), followed by chocolate (28%) and having something to look forward to after work coming in third place.

If you’re not familiar with CafePod, they are an independent (hurrah!) coffee company based in South London. They believe in good, strong, coffee. And so do we. On a mission to disrupt the coffee sector and push the likes of Nespresso off their perch we’re shining a spotlight on these cheeky coffee champions.

Whether you prefer yours quick and fast – in the form of a pod, or extra-strong and slow, CafePod have a range of coffee strengths to get you going.


On a Monday morning we tend to reach for their Espresso Supercharger pods. Just one of these little guys provides an extra strong caffeine boost for when you really need it. Rich and smooth, these jazzy orange and blue pods have delicious notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts.

However by the time the weekend rolls round, we’re normally feeling easy like Sunday morning and out comes the cafetiere. CafePod have this covered too, with bags of freshly roasted and ground coffee. We like ‘Livewire’ – strength 11 on the coffee barometer, you can expect a balanced brew with spice and sweetness, nuts and fruit. Perfect for lungo’s, it’s powerful enough to get us up and at em after a lazy breakfast.

They also do some rather exciting blends inspired by some of the most buzzing coffee capitals of the world. Think a moreish Brooklyn ‘bottomless brunch blend’ with flavours of caramel, toasted nuts and sweet marzipan. Or the Karaoke Long Drip which has been inspired by the traditional Japanese hand poured drip-filter method and is bursting with blackcurrant.

So today, on this rather dreary Monday morning, we’re saying #TFF for coffee in all of its glorious forms. We don’t know what we’d do without it. In fact if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably want to sign up to a coffee subscription so that you never run out of the stuff.

We’d love to know what you need to get through the week?

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