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The Booking Office ‘tails of Discovery’

Booking Office

The iconic St Pancras Renaissance hotel have a brand spanking new ‘tails of Discovery’ cocktail menu at The Booking Office, which promises to take drinkers on a cocktail journey through Europe, which is after all, just a train ride away.

This is a beautiful bar, with a whole lot of history. Originally the station’s ticket hall, it’s still situated within King’s Cross St Pancras station but now you can get your hands on an expertly made cocktail instead. We know what we’d rather.

The new menu is inspired by the mixologists’ travels from Provence through to Amsterdam, utilising local ingredients and techniques.We started with the rather OTT St Pancras Sorbet from the ‘breakfast’ section (cocktails are grouped by the best time of day to drink them). Two large scoops of clementine sorbet are bought to the table in a large champagne coupe, before our waiter poured over Veuve Clicquot to the brim. More dessert than cocktail, but we approve.

Our favourite though was the Lavender Vesper, with aromatic lavender infused vodka AND gin, blended with sweet vermouth and the rather bonkers sounding purple potato & honey puree which is all made in house. It’s finished with a sweet rim of bee pollen from France which we spent the rest of the night licking from the glass.

To sate your appetite whilst you drink there is an accompanying snack menu with drink pairing suggestions. With my Lavender Vespa they recommend the veggie friendly baked artichoke with spinach and feta. It looks like a bowl of molten cheese but is a lot more refined than that. It comes with rye bread for scooping up all the gooey mixture.

There’s also more substantial sharing boards of charcuterie and cheese for the whole table to graze on.

Before you leave, ask to see their big book which shows the station as it was back in 1869, right up until the present day. The high vaulted ceilings, exposed red brick walls and old church arches are every bit as impressive as they were back then.

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