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Burger & Lobster Old Bailey

City Boys (& Girls!) listen up! Burger & Lobster have just hit your neck of the woods – and it doesn’t disappoint!

We all know the concept by now – Burger or Lobster (Burger And Lobster??) for a cracking £20 a pop. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

There are now NINE Burger & Lobster’s in the capital – can you believe that? Which just goes to show they are on to a good thing. The Old Bailey site is no exception, situated a stone’s throw from the Central Criminal Court, more commonly known as the Old Bailey; where the Kray Twins, Oscar Wilde, and the Yorkshire Ripper have all risen to the calls of ‘be silence and be upstanding’… but now, the halls echo with the sounds of lobster claws snapping away in anticipation…


We normally opt for the Lobster but were feeling lazy so mixed things up with the Burger AND the Lobster Roll. The burger is stacked FAT with a cheese & bacon topping – perfect if you like your burgers juicy & chunky! The lobster roll is served with Japanese mayo in a toasted brioche roll – so bloody good & packed full of sweet lobster meat, we loved dunking it in the garlic butter. Both come with a really tasty balsamic side salad & salty thin chips.


If you just can’t choose you can opt for the combo – two burgers & a lobster to share! Job done!

The cocktail menu nods to the surrounding area, with their latest cocktail “The Blind Beggar” named after the pub in Whitechapel where Ronnie Kray shot a rival gangster; it was this murder that eventually put the Kray Twins behind bars at the Old Bailey. Using Xoriguer gin, Gran Marnier and lemon curd the cocktail takes its inspiration from Harry Craddock’s  “White Lady” cocktail, which was created around the corner at the Savoy’s American Bar.

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