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Bunnychow’s new ‘Better Breads’ menu

Launching this week, Bunnychow’s new ‘Better Breads’ menu features a detoxifying charcoal brioche, a flavoursome gluten-free bread, protein rich wholemeal and vibrant fortifying matcha green tea white bread. These ‘Better Breads’ will help to ease adherence to new year’s resolutions, boldly shake up the drudge of the workday lunch and provide and healthily delicious dinner option.


‘Bunnys’ are freshly baked loaves, hollowed out, crammed with delicious hot fillings and topped with a bread ‘lid’. Bunnychow have refreshed and improved their bold signature South-African menu especially for the new year. Wholesome fillings include Monkey Gland meatballs and Chakalaka Chicken in Peri Peri sauce which, coupled with the restorative ingredients in their breads, will bring a new lightness to the bunnychow.



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