Yee Cho – A Taste of Burma

Yee Cho

This Christmas your diary is no doubt full of parties, dinners and dancing. Well wouldn’t it be nice if you could book somewhere really special, whilst giving something back? Good news – you can.

Yee Cho (pronounced ‘Yay Cho’) is a pop up Burmese dinner event, hosted by half-Burmese Freya Coote. The name is taken from a family friend and literally means ‘sweet water’ or ‘fresh water’.

Much of what is served at Yee Cho is based on traditional recipes from Freya’s family kitchen in Yangon alongside other dishes that take inspiration from typical Burmese ingredients to create something completely new. Food is served in sharing bowls to reflect the Burmese tradition of eating communally and is also a chance to get to know other diners.

Yee Cho

This time, they’re donating all profits to Disaster Emergency Committee, an organisation supporting 13 charities providing aid to the Rohingya. The Rohingya are being forced from their home, the Rakhine state in Burma (Myanmar) and have crossed the border into Bangladesh to escape violence.


Tuesday 5th December


The Gun (Hackney)



Big Boss Palm Rose and Vanilla Gin Soda

*  *  *


Mohinga – Lemongrass Fish Noodle Soup, Beetroot Pickled Egg, Split Pea Cracker

Lemongrass Mushroom Noodle Soup, Beetroot Pickled Egg, Split Pea Cracker (v)

*  *  *

Street Snack Lunch

BBQ Coconut Chicken Skewer, Sweetcorn Fritter, Kidney Bean Fritter, Pickled Cucumber, Tamarind Ketchup

Sweetcorn Fritters, Kidney Bean Fritters, Pickled Cucumber, Tamarind Ketchup (v)

*  *  *

Afternoon Snack

Lahpet Thoke – Pickled Green Tea Leaf Salad, Fried Nut and Bean Mix, Dried Prawns

*  *  *


Ginger Pork Curry, Aubergine Salad, Rice

Coriander Omelette Curry, Aubergine Salad, Rice (v)

*  *  *


Rosebelle’s Mango & Coconut Faluda

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