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Nominate a ‘Legend of Lockdown’ to Win Free Yard Sale Pizza for a Year

Yard Sale Pizza Legends of Lockdown

Today, Yard Sale Pizza have launched a new ‘Legends of Lockdown’ campaign, seeking to shine a light on our unsung heroes by asking the public to nominate someone who deserves to win free pizza for a year!

Following on from its NHS fund, which has seen the London pizzeria raise 15k to date, in order to supply pizzas to local hospitals, the new campaign is a chance to share the love and appreciation for those who have gone out of their way to do something good in these extremely difficult times.

Yard Sale Pizza Notorious YSP card

Yard Sale is giving away five Notorious YSP cards, which entitles the owner to free pizza for a year, to five people who have done something incredible in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether they are a key-worker on the front line, have launched a scheme to help a local community or have just been all-round awesome human beings in response to the current situation, Yard Sale want to know about them!

Nominations will be open from Tuesday 5th May for one week only and Yard Sale will then select the five most deserving Legends of the Lockdown, one for each of their shops. To nominate your lockdown legend visit:

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