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LUZON at Generator

LUZON is a pop-up Filipino restaurant based at Generator London, right in the centre of town on Tavistock Place. A contemporary Filipino restaurant, LUZON represents a growing food movement that started in the US but is now spreading across the pond. Co-founded by Chef Rex De Guzman and Nadine Barcelona, LUZON’s mission is to bring modern Filipino cuisine to the London restaurant scene. 

Although you would probably never think of dining in a hostel (bad memories of plain pasta and bread rolls!) the interior of Generator is like no hostel we’ve ever been in! A spacious and stylish bar and seating area is nicer than many hotels and restaurants we’ve frequented and the food wasn’t a disappointment either.


The starter, Arroz Caldo Risotto, was a Filipino-style chicken congee in risotto form flavoured with ginger, garlic and lemon. It was rich and creamy without being overpowering and had a more liquid texture than many traditional risottos we’ve tried which worked really well with the flavours.


For us the mains were the standout of the meal. Inihaw Na Sea bass (grilled sea bass marinated then wrapped in banana leaf, served with lime, toyomansi, tomato relish and steamed rice) was cooked to perfection, the fish fell off the bone and was soft and moist. The garnishes added a Filipino flavour to the sea bass. A sneaky taste of the Kare-Kare (oxtail stewed in peanut butter three ways: croquette, pulled & cannelloni, served with green beans, aubergine and okra) was also delicious, the croquette especially so, crisp on the outside with tender meat on the inside.


To finish, the Filipino Ice Cream (Pandan ice cream, macapuno) was coconut-y, creamy and refreshing, the perfect way to end the meal.

Serving Thursdays and Fridays, LUZON is only at Generator until the end of October so make sure you get down there and give Filipino food a try!


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