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This place is why Crummbs was invented in the first place.

We just LOVE finding little gems like this tucked away and we want YOU to know all about them!

LOVENpresents is an artisan pizza parlour, making delicious pizzas from their hand-built brick oven. They started life as a weekly supper club on the River Lea in the yard of their live/work warehouse but due to growing popularity have had to move to a bigger more permanent home.

That home is STYX, an outdoor performance and events space in Tottenham (we know, we know, but it’s really not far from the station and for any of you living in Hackney, it’s really not that far!).


As you turn the corner you can’t help but fall in love with this cute little place. Think fairy lights, a bridge and casual seating areas. Seriously, it’s worth grabbing yourself a Tinder date just to show off about how “in-the-know” you are.

They’ll be getting heaters as it’s starting to turn colder but it’s nothing a warm pizza won’t fix.

Aside from what a lovely little space they’ve created, these pizzas are HEAVEN! Super super fresh, the Italian chef looks so effortless knocking these bad boys up – he’s had plenty of experience though, working in his parents restaurant since he was 14.

And it shows. These pizzas taste so good they actually feel healthy. This is what pizza should be, fresh, great quality toppings, perfectly sized. Not that guilty supersized Sunday night hangover secret.

We adored the Zola – mozzarella gorgonzola, radicchio & pistachios. Perfection.


Spread the word people, you deserve great pizza.


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