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Foxlow is the neighbourhood restaurant of DREAMS.


Adding to the already excellent choice within walking distance from my flat (Verden, Eat 17, Original Sin) Foxlow has successfully replaced what was Homa in Stoke Newington.

Buzzy and fun – they’ve stripped back the pretention of Homa, replaced it with nice young staff and are already packed to the rafters! However don’t worry too much about booking as the manager told me, “we don’t want to book the whole place up, we want to be a neighbourhood restaurant you can come to at the last minute, ‘just because’”, which I have to admire (even though he was rejecting my request for a 20 person booking for brunch!).

Foxlow is a big open space which welcomes families (well, we are in Stoke Newington) but also the uber cool that have grown out of Dalston.

Arriving ravenous we ordered Homemade Ricotta & London Honey (from the brunch menu) for the table to take the edge off.


Drinks were great whether you were drinking or not. Obviously I was and very much enjoyed my Foxlow Mimosa, made up of Gin, Lemon, Grapefruit & Prosecco – a perfectly refreshing daytime cocktail.

The Foxlow Green Juice was a great choice for those feeling more virtuous & for those visiting at brunch, these guys offer bottomless Bloody Mary’s for £14 a head!

Onto the real starters then. Crispy Five Pepper Squid is served with habanero & ginger mayo which is so good I STRONGLY suggest they decant and let me take home unless they want to see me every day.

Farro Fattoush was fresh, tasty and quite filling – it felt like a healthy & delicious start for the more decadent mains to come.


Obviously being from the Hawksmoor clan the steak is a must-order, we went for the lesser known Deckle cut which is aged for 35 days and recommended medium due to the high fat content.

I’m normally a rare rump kinda girl (now there’s something you don’t say everyday) but this was delicious and could definitely turn me.


There’s also a strong fried chicken section on the menu and I’d highly recommend the fried chicken sandwich, slathered in loads of naughty mayo & served with a slightly spicy green slaw.

Sides are big business here and you need to make room for the mac n cheese – I’d say I’m a mac n cheese connoisseur so trust me here – this one tastes like vintage cheddar and comes with a proper crumbly crust topping.

Also worth ordering are the Skin-on Fries with Chicken Salt, because Chicken Salt.


Dessert got a little (food) pornographic – please see Instagram for more details. All I’m going to say is Bourbon Caramel Soft Serve Sundae.

Open for brunch, lunch & dinner, I can see this is going to be one of the few places I return to time and time again.


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