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DF / Mexico

Don’t come to DF / Mexico if you’re dieting. Do come if you’re feeling naughty, thirsty and hungry!

You will leave drunk thanks to the incredible frozen margarita’s. You know they’re strong but you can’t help guzzle them down anyway. Our fav was the raspberry & hibiscus but ideally you’ll try all three & make your own mind up (there’s also Classic & Passion fruit options)!


For those that are pregnant or on meds (yep, the only valid reasons) there are awesome bottomless Agua Frescas (“Juicy Waters”) for a very generous £2.30!! One tasted like a cold rice pudding with cinnamon. Hmm, reading that back I’m not doing it any favours. But give it a go!

You will also over order but frankly who cares at these prices. You MUST have the DIY Mexican Boards, essentially a legit excuse to play with your food – we loved the chilli con carne version with cowgirl punchy beans and slow cooked beef finished with melted cheese on top. (See above re don’t come on a diet). They come with little flour tortillas to pack full of chilli, slaw, guacamole and chipotle salsa which will run all over your hands before you lick it off. The chilli fries are scrumptious too – everyone agreed they were just the right level of heat – not blow your head off but full of flavour. And there’s always hot sauce for the hard-core.


NYC Tortas were a nice idea – basically a soft squishy brioche bun stuffed with Mexican loveliness. We found the chicken a little bland but the slow cooked pork really hit the spot.


We are learning that good things come to those that wait. Luckily all this slow cooking is down hours before you get there J

The Chicken Ceaser Salad was a great combo to balance out all the above. The lettuce leaves were huge, we loved the salty anchovies and the crouton & parmesan crummbs(!) covering the lot.

You won’t have room so they keep the desserts simple – SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM at only £2.75 you’ll find room. You can choose from 3 toppings but our fav was Dulce de leche with candied peanuts.


We loved the industrial décor, OTT lighting, power points under the table (for on the minute instagramming) fast, friendly service and fun atmosphere. AND they give you popping candy on the way out!!

This place is only open for an 18 month residency apparently, although we can see it sticking around if the queues are anything to go by.

This is cheap and cheerful food at its best. Go check it out before it’s gone!


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