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Bubbledogs Meets Typing Room at Town Hall Hotel

On Wednesday 27th May, Typing Room and Bubbledogs will join forces to host a collaborative Champagne dinner for one night only at the Town Hall Hotel. This follows the success of the recent dinner at Typing Room with Sager + Wilde. A five course tasting menu will pair executive chef Lee Westcott’s signature style of innovative cooking with a selection of the best grower Champagnes as selected by Bubbledogs’ Sandia Chang.


Fitzrovia’s Bubbledogs focuses on small producer wines and, since opening in 2012, has become a cornerstone for accessible, artisanal Champagne. Teaming up with Typing Room, Sandia Chang and restaurant manager James Snowdon have created a fine selection of Champagnes to complement Lee Westcott’s inventive menu. The five course dinner will embrace local, seasonal produce with a nod to modern European cuisine including dishes such as ‘pigeon, fermented turnip and lovage’. Each course will be matched with lesser known gems of Champagne from producers such as Olivier Horiot and Francoise Bedel to amplify flavours, taste and texture of the dishes.


The menu is priced at £120 for 5 courses, inclusive of Champagne, and is available throughout the evening.


To book: reservations@typingroom.com / 0207 871 0461


www.townhallhotel.com / @TypingRoom

Photo Credit: Allan Hinton

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