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Cereal Killer Café – World Domination

After the success of Cereal Killer Café on London’s Brick Lane which opened its doors to international press coverage in December 2014, identical twins Alan and Gary Keery are excited to announce the opening a second Cereal Killer Café location in the Camden Stables on Thursday 14th May 2015.

In case you’ve been living in a ditch somewhere, Cereal Killer Café, (which is the first of its kind in Europe), sells over 120 different cereals from around the world, which can be teamed with over 30 different kinds of milk and 20 toppings creating countless delicious combinations.  The success of the café, which has been an instant hit with locals and tourists, is down to the twins’ vision of selling more than just a bowl of cereal; it’s about the cereal experience and nostalgia. Customers that enter the café are transported back to their childhoods, when choosing a box of cereal was one of the biggest decisions of their lives. The café is seeing  between  200-500 customers per day, with kids from 3 years old right up to 80, and that’s because no matter your age, everyone loves a cold bowl of the good stuff.

Cereal Killer Café

The new café, which will be situated in the capital’s world famous Camden Stables, will be open every day from 9:30am to 7:30pm. It will  cover 1000 square feet and play home to a new collection of cereal memorabilia with cereal boxes from Seinfeld, Donkey Kong, Pac‐Man, Mr T, among a lot of other things to make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, from the vintage arcade machines, teddy grabber and bed seating. The menu will feature all the popular ‘Cereal Cocktails’ the Brick Lane Cafe is known for, and also have the option to takeaway.


Alan says: ‘People from every generation loved cereal as a kid. What we are doing is reigniting that love and making cereal exciting again; celebrating it in a way that hasn’t been done before.’

Gary continues: ‘The thing that makes me most happy is the amazing feedback we get from customers. We knew the idea was a little crazy, but when people say ‘it’s the best dining experience they’ve ever had’, it’s pretty amazing!’

The Guardian has hailed the Keery brother’s enthusiasm for their business as ‘infectious’ while the Londonist reviewed the café as ‘fun, affordable and downright different: in the words of Tony the Tiger, it’s grrrr‐eat!’.


The Keery’s year has been pretty busy. As well as enjoying success of the first café, they have signed a book deal with globally recognised publisher Penguin Random House and ‘The Cereal Killer Book’, which is a Beano inspired annual threaded through unconventional cereal‐based recipes. The Cereal Killer Book will be out in time for Christmas. They’ve also been working on their franchise model after being inundated by requests from every corner of the globe. They are currently in talks with franchise partners from a lot of major cities. The twins are also planning their attack on the festival scene this summer to feed the mouths of thousands of festival‐goers.

The opportunities for development are endless.  Cereal is enjoyed by millions of people every day, the Keery Twins have just given people a new and fun way to enjoy it.



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