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Blade Hairclub

‘Tis the season to get your best glad rags on and sparkle the night away. But we all know the best bit of a big night out was always the getting ready, right?

Well at Blade’s Soho salon, they’ve managed to combine both elements.

Let’s get things straight. This is not a lairy, boozy, drink-as-much-as-you-can-before-you-go-out kind of venue. Hen do’s should probably look elsewhere.

What it is however, is a busy hair salon which just so happens to have a fully stocked bar in the basement.

You can pop down there pre or post treatment and get the bartender to whip you up whatever your heart desires, OR just take a seat and have your tipple of choice come to you.

Each chair has an iPad attached to it, which features a full drinks menu and is also handy for googling hair inspo photos and showing your hairdresser!

Of course all salons seem to offer a simple glass of cheap plonk or a cuppa nowadays, but at Blade the beer is craft, the wine biodynamic and the whiskey – oh the whiskey! It’s fair to say they’re pretty fanatical about it. Drink it straight up try our favourite cocktail of the night, the Name of the Rose. Two parts Four Roses whiskey, one part Luxardo Maraschino (a cherry liqueur), it’s smooth as a whistle, and finished with a huge block of ice containing real rose bud.

You’ll also find all the classics, whether Espresso Martinis are your thang or an Old Fashioned hits the spot.


Festive Boozy Beauty Packages include…


Blow Dry & Bubbles For Two Festive Package

– Wash, blow dry & conditioning treatment with a bottle of biodynamic champagne for two, £68pp


Drinking Buddies’ Whisky, Craft Beer & Grooming Festive Package

– Precision cut & Old Fashioned for two £46pp (for additional beard trim +£9pp)

– Precision cut, whisky on the rocks & craft lager for two £50pp (for additional beard trim £9pp)


We left the salon with a definite spring in our step, ready to face the part(ies) ahead…


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