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Yelp, Petpiggies and The Proud Archivist presents The London Pop-Up Pignic!

We catch up with Alex from Yelp to tell what exactly this fabulous idea is all about!


So what is a “Micro Pig-Pop Up”?

Unlike other animal cafes in London, this will be more than just a basic dinner or drinks. The London Pignic will be an evening experience, including a curated picnic, a pig-themed cocktail masterclass, a salon of piggy ideas and a special beloved pig film. We’ll also be using the night to educate and raise money for an animal welfare charity. And, of course, spend time with the most adorable little of tiny pigs London has ever seen.


Why do a London Pig Pignic (besides hanging out with the pigs)?

The idea behind this is to educate all of London. Micro pigs are very chic right now, but many people don’t realise how big they can grow when they buy one and then, sadly, abandon them. We think the first step to stopping this is education about micro pigs. We’re also finalizing the details with an animal welfare charity to raise even more awareness, as well as money, as part of every ticket sale will be donated to them.

Finally, Yelp is also about introducing people to local London things they’ve never seen or don’t know enough about. It’s why we’re working with The Proud Archivist, one of our favourite spaces that many people still haven’t checked it out, to hold this event.


How big will these pigs be?

Our adorable litter of pigs aren’t even born yet. They are due in April and, then, in May when they’re ready to be around people, they’ll be smaller than rabbits. Awwww.


How do I get a ticket to this Pignic?

All you have to do is RSVP on Yelp here. Price is still being determined but it will be reasonable. We’ll be choosing who gets one of these limited spots a week before the event, on May 14th. Good luck!


If I don’t get a spot, I really still want to see the pigs? Can I?

Sure can. The pigs will be in a room with a giant window right on Regents Canal. Come down and watch them pig out any time during the five days.


What was the other possible name for this event?

London’s Swine and Cheese Party


If you were a pig themed superhero, what would your superhero name be?

Hmmm, probably Pigman: The Pork Knight. Or maybe just SpiderPig.


What do you call a pig with three eyes?

A piiig!


Ok, this is now getting a little silly.

Sorry, we do enjoy hamming it up every now and again.


So do you guys do more events at Yelp than this?

Sure do. Check out some of our upcoming ones, like the takeover of London’s first Board Game Cafe, an after-hours bubble tea event at Bubbleology (with alcoholic bubble tea) and an event with Langley’s Gin where we’re doing gin eight ways, and all of them are free! Join Yelp now and be part of the community to come to all our upcoming events.


I’m so excited about this event I’m squealing a little.

Don’t worry, us too! We can’t wait for May, in the mean time, here are some adorable pictures of pigs!


When: May 21 – 22, Thursday and Friday, 6 to 10pm May 23 – 25, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, 2 to 6pm

Where: The Proud Archivist, 2-10 Hertford Road, London N1 5SH.

What: This will not just be a sit-down experience but a multi-room, piggy educational evening. Yelp will be working with both animal charities and animal welfare groups to educate about Micro Pigs and Micro Pig Ownership. We want to make it clear that a potential journey towards pet pig ownership must start with realistic size expectations. This is where Yelp, Petpiggies and The Proud Archivist will work to educate the public with The Pignic in the hope that fewer pigs will end up being abandoned.


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