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Yelp’s Big Night In!

Fancy FREE food, wine, pampering & more???

Those crazy kids at Yelp have done it again, and this time they are offering the ultimate Big Night In! If you haven’t checked Yelp out yet, what are you waiting for?? They are always spoiling their most loved Yelpers with special treats just like this.

With all of this wining & dining – we gotta be honest, the idea of a Big Night In is making us swoon! Who wouldn’t want to be fed, pampered and taken care of, for free, all from your own home, in the comfort of your PJs!

Well this is your chance!


– Free food delivered by Deliveroo!
– Free wine delivered by Mr. Vine!
– Free laundry picked up and delivered right to your door from Laundrapp!
– Your home beautifully cleaned by Hassle, for free!
– Anything you want, picked up and delivered by Quiqup!
– A service of your choice from Bizzby! We’d suggest free therapeutic massages, but if you need an errand run or want a personal trainer session before cracking into all that food, they can make that happen too!

Do you want in? 
Of course you do, and it’s so easy to take part in it…

RSVP on the event page now! (Winners will be notified on Friday, 24 July.)
– Check to make sure you’re free on Friday, 31st July, since the credit must be used on that date.
– Only those with a real photo and name on their Yelp Profile will get a spot.
– If the event goes over capacity, those who are recently active on Yelp (meaning adding great REVIEWS, PICTURES or LISTS) will be given priority, so make sure you keep your Yelp Profile up to date with all the places you’ve been to lately!

That’s it! Good luck!

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