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Wringer + Mangle

Always on the lookout for the best Sunday Roast hotspots – it’s time to add London Fields newbie Wringer & Mangle to your list.

Although located in a former industrial laundry, you’d never know it. This place has been transformed into a bright and airy white space, including a gorgeous long bar, an art-lined restaurant softened with plenty of plants and a gorgeous courtyard which you’ll find us lounging on all summer.


The cocktail list here is expansive with a million variations on the classic Collins cocktail. To save you time we’d recommend you go with the Crumble Collins, featuring vodka, cinnamon syrup and fresh blackberries and apple, ditch the straw so you get the full effect of the crumble crust it’s garnished with.


Food at Wringer + Mangle is hearty fare. We checked out the Sunday Roast menu and had to be rolled all the way home. If you have the pleasure of meeting the friendly chef (all the staff are THE friendliest) you may have some understanding of just how big portions will be.

A huge bowl of velvety butternut squash soup warms you from the inside out but don’t even think about finishing it, you’ll need room for whichever roast option takes your fancy.

We particularly liked the look of the whole chicken, served on a board for two to share, with all the trimmings. However, roast purists should look away now because the star of the show has to be the braised lamb shoulder, served with perfect mash potato and greens and doused in the kind of gravy that makes you go light headed with pleasure. Our favourite bit? You can order a side of pigs in blankets & stuffing like it’s Christmas.


And now you get even more bang for your buck with live music from The Smoking Guns to accompany your feast every Sunday.

We understand that live music can be quite hit or miss and you don’t want to be half way through a chicken and find yourself stuck listening to someone performing interpretive jazz. Rest assured that this is the kind of sexy, chilled guitar that you’ll def want to order a dessert for.

Don’t leave without saying hello to this little fella. He loves a good stroke 😉


The perfect Sunday session.


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