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WOLF II, Finsbury Avenue Square

After a successful 10 months at WOLF in Stoke Newington, Head Chef – Mattia Antonioni – has moved on to WOLF II, located near Broadgate Circle. We say ‘near’ rather than ‘in’, which is the distinction between peaceful and heaving with after work drinkers.

The low-key setting is actually a shipping container, spruced up with plants and minimal design pieces, spilling out into the al fresco square.

It’s basic design belies the quality of the food, and whilst you can swing by for takeaway breakfast and lunch, it’s worth ordering a cocktail and taking your time.

You’ll get complimentary olives and bread whilst you peruse the menu. Go for a season fruit Bellini or a good Italian Aperol Spritz!

Choose a selection of antipasti for your table to share. The generous pork and beef meatballs topped with crispy onions were a treat, perfect alongside the fresh stracciatella burrata salad. The unusual extras ingredients – pomegranate molasses, dehydrated tomatoes, iced basil – demonstrates the expertise in the kitchen.

Despite there only being four choices of pasta for the main course, we still struggled to choose. Cacio é Pepe (our fave!!), Orecchiette with tenderstem & chilli (another fave!!), gnocchi (yep, fave!), or wild boar ragu pappardelle (ahhh!).

The ragu won with its big chunks of slow cooked meat and the Puglian orecchiette felt just right for the balmy night.

The only dessert remaining (it had been a busy day!) was a deliciously moist olive oil polenta cake with lashings of crème fraiche & a sprinkle of fresh mint leaves.

A quick espresso later and we were ready to return to the fray.


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