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WIN free ride with mocktails from Addy Lee!

Addison Lee, official car partner of London Cocktail Week 2014, has teamed up with craft spirits producer East London Liquor Company to create two non-alcoholic palate cleanser cocktails, designed to be enjoyed in-car by discerning drinkers taking part in LCW 2014…




The two palate cleansers have been specifically designed to be the perfect start, or end, to a cocktail. The first…

Calm Before The Dark and Stormy – is ideal before the cocktail hour. Made with rhubarb, purple & green sage, pink peppercorn, white grapefruit oil, ascorbic & citric acid, sugar and water, the combination of sweetness with a tart kick is designed to jump start the palate. The grapefruit in the elixir will stimulate the drinkers appetite while the slight hint of spice from the pink pepper gets the taste buds excited.

The second palate cleanser…

The Night Cab – has been designed to soothe the palate after the last cocktail of the night. It combines the floral compounds and dry tannins in Darjeeling tea with a hit of white pepper, the grassy spice of cardamom and lemon to give the tongue a sweet and spicy send off.
Addison Lee will ensure you arrive cool, calm and collected at your destination this London Cocktail Week. The limited edition palate cleansers will be available exclusively in Addison Lee’s London Cocktail Week fleet of cars from 6-12 October 2014.



To be in with a chance of winning complimentary rides and the opportunity to try the palate cleansers tweet the name of your favourite cocktail to @AddisonLeeCabs using the hashtags #LCW2014 and #1ForTheRoad.

Alternatively, if you want to book an Addison Lee at the touch of a button, download the all new booking app available to Android and iOS users now.


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