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Whyte & Brown

Whyte & Brown – no, not an outrageously bold new place to pick up your coke and heroin. Instead you’ve got a choice of Chicken or Eggs.

But rather then being the gimmick it sounds we were really impressed with a delicious menu (we spent ages trying to decide!) offering generous portions at budget friendly prices.

Ok, so ignore the gimmicky feeling “peckish” plastered over the menu & focus on the warehouse feel space in the lovely Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street.




We delved into Shredded Chicken and Pancetta croquettes which we dipped into a tomato chutney-esque sauce, and the Pea and Ricotta Poached Egg Bruschetta with was so fresh & light, a perfect summery bite.

We’ll be going back for the Bangkok Scotch Egg!


Moving on to mains we had the Chicken and Langoustine Pie which was a creamy little pot of goodness with a lighter then air pie topping.


The Brick Chicken is slow-cooked for 24 and served up 3 ways with a pot of chicken gravy – really tender & perfectly seasoned. The sides really held their own, the mini mac n cheese came with the ultimate crunchy topping and the mash was silky smooth.


I don’t quite know how we managed it but couldn’t bear to turn down dessert – Hazelnut Affogato was subtlety flavoured with the cutest little jug to pour the coffee. The Passionfruit Cheesecake had a soft biscuity base – just how I like it. All of this was washed down with Expre Espresso Coffee Liqueur – they went down far too easily.


Move over Nando’s, this is how you do chicken. And eggs.


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