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When Mac Met Cheese @The Shop

It’s so simple. Macaroni. Cheese. Put them together, that’s it.
But tonight, Camden food stall When Mac Met Cheese is popping up in The Shop, throwing a dash of character into the old classic with extras of bacon, chicken, rocket, broccoli and tomatoes – which make for an addictively homely and filling meal.

It’s just nice. You’re not built up to expect anything fancy; it’s simply a big dollop of really tasty Mac n Cheese.


The sort of meal you’d make yourself at home with the intention of freezing or saving some for later – but in the end you’d think ‘fuck it’ and eat it all.

Hence my second serving last night; first opting for the ‘Mums Classic’: mature cheddar, red leicester, parmesan and a sprinkle of nutmeg followed by the spicier ‘Carlos the Cactus’: Mature cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan and jalapenos.

The Shop NW10 was an okay location, with great cocktails – all served in jam jars and milk bottles. Which is very cool right now and I love it, but you cant help but think; if All Star Bowling in Stratford Westfield are serving their drinks in mason jars…then maybe this isn’t that quirky anymore. What’s next? Shoes? Attention bar owners! Serve me drinks in shoes. I’m so ahead of my time.


I’d like to go back and do the whole cocktail menu in one sitting. Their prices I think would easily allow you to do so for less than £60 ish.


Anyway…. I think I’d prefer to have visited WMMC somewhere more communal – big tables, long benches that sort of thing. None the less, the service was great. The waitress was so smiley and welcoming (and happily warned us of the spiciness of Carlos the Cactus and said she can get that tweaked if we wanted) And the icing on the cake or the batter on the biscuit rather (I think I’ve just invented a new saying there) were the DEEP FRIED OREOS. Oreos are amazing at the best of times (I’m more of a hobnob fan but would still call them a king of biscuits) and there was the fear of them being too sickly cooked this way, but they were just right. Kind of like little chocolate doughnuts. Maybe too addictive for my liking – you’d overlook the downward spiral to diabetes and obesity for just another little bite.


Go check out the When Mac Met Cheese Stall… 10 West Yard, Camden Lock, NW1 8NH London


by @Jarvdesign
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