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When Mac Met Cheese [Stall]

I’ve taken to sleeping on the streets. Not coz I’ve fallen on hard times but I just wanted to be nearer to When Mac Met Cheese Camden Lock stall….


Wade through the dodgier looking food stalls, (you know who you are), until you come across the lovely Sammy at When Mac Met Cheese.

Choose from 3 simple variations, add a side of deep fried Oreos and you’re good to go eat your loot by the canal.


We loved the classic with added bacon lardons but he’ll make it just how you like it, he’s pretty good like that.

The generous portion sets you back the princely sum of……a fiver. Which means you could afford to try all 3 but you’d probably get mistaken for pregnant and offered a seat on the way home. Meh.


Don’t forget to check out Sammy’s bad ass tattoo while you wait for him to knock up a fresh batch of cheesy goodness. X


by @Staceysssssss


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