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When in New York…


It’s got to be The Wythe Hotel, Williamsburg – we just LOVE the location. However, our absolute faves The Hoxton are opening a brand new hotel just up the road so we will be jumping ship at the first opportunity. They NEVER disappoint.




Five Leaves – a dreamy place, wrap up and grab a table outside, you’ll feel like a local in no time. The Moroccan Scramble with merguez sausage, scrambled eggs, spiced chickpeas, crushed avocado & grilled sourdough is a must order. Grab a mimosa babe, you’re on holiday after all!


Bubby’s – for an all-American brunch of champions. Obscene portions, wear your stretchy pants.


Pies & Thighs – an amazing brunch spot. Fried chicken AND waffles. Only in America.


The Burger Joint at The Park Meridien – yes you will queue, yes it is worth it. Trust us. The neon sign is so Instagram-able, you won’t regret it. Just make sure you practise your order or risk being sent to the back of the queue.


Smorgasburg – like Street Feast on Steroids. We’ve always said we wished you could buy little versions at Street Feast so that you can try EVERYTHING. Here, you can. Also, amazing views back over Manhattan.


Juliana’s Pizza – for an authentic pizza pie – so famous it’s mentioned on the ferry!


Catch – So swanky, keep your eyes peeled for celebs. Proper American-style Sushi, our favourite – The Hurricane Rolls. 3 words – Macaroni & Lobster Cream. One of our absolute favourite places in NYC.


Beauty & Essex – the only place we know where you’ll want to spend as much time queueing for the loo as possible – There’s a pink champagne bar in the ladies, sorry boys. It’s not all about the booze though. The meatballs are legendary and there’s a DJ on the second floor. Oh, and you enter through a pawn shop.


La Esquina – Margarita’s & Taco’s, in a trailer. SO American. The margarita’s go down way too quickly!



Milk Bar – The Crack Milk Shake don’t lie. You’ll leave totally hooked.


Bedford Cheese Shop – An old fashioned cheese shop in Brooklyn, pop in to try some cracking cheese from around the world, and locally!



The Wythe Hotel Rooftop Bar – THOSE views are just incredible. The best place to look back over Manhattan, banging cocktail in hand. Go for sunset, pre-dinner, but get there early as you may need to queue. British? Flirt with the barman, we’re speaking from experience.


Donna Brooklyn – the frozen cocktails are so unbelievable here that we cried when we finished it.


Bath Tub Gin – An illicit drinking den where you can drink gin (amongst other things) while watching Burlesque that may or may not (definitely does) involve a bathtub. Perhaps avoid the sofa at the front unless you don’t mind getting wet.


The Standard – go for pre-Catch drinks at Le Bain – a “grass” covered rooftop bar complete with hot tub. After dinner return but this time channel your inner James Bond at The Top of the Standard. You’ll honestly think you’ve died and gone to heaven.


Employees Only – not far from Bath Tub Gin and always winning awards, you won’t want to miss the chance to grab a cocktail here. The door isn’t so obvious but the queue should give it away.

Emplyees Only

Soho House – made friends with a member? Check. Make your way up to the coolest of drinking dens and finish your night with an Old Cuban.



Brooklyn Brewery –  A bit touristy sure, but we REALLY like Brooklyn Beer.


Artists & Fleas – a gorgeous indoor flea market selling everything from clothes to jewellery to greeting’s cards! AND you get to say you’ve been to a flea market.


Highline – a free public park built on a disused railway track which runs along Manhattan’s west side.


Brooklyn Bridge – a must do walk with gorgeous views and great photo ops!


Boat Ride – there’s loads to choose from but we got on at the Brooklyn Park Pier and it took us right up close to The Statue of Liberty!


Urban Outfitters, Williamsburg – You’ll never look at the London version the same way again. Loose a few hours sifting through a cool selection of brands, buy some vinyl and grab a drink on the roof. Yes, really.

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Shuffle Board – weirdly addictive – get in on the action before it takes the UK by storm.


Our Dream Day in NYC….

Wake up at The Wythe Hotel, grab brunch at Five Leave’s before doing a bit of shopping at Artists & Fleas. Grab a bite to eat at Smorgasburg and down a frozen cocktail from Donna. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and queue up at The Burger Joint. Grab a crack milk shake from the milk bar before sunset drinks at Le Bain. Dinner’s got to be at Catch, then back to The Top of  the Standard. Grab a show at Bathtub Gin and get a super late cap at Soho House.

And if you manage all of that – wowza – you’ve had the best day ever.

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