What will you be eating on the slopes this Winter?

Here at Crummbs we LOVE this time of year. Christmas is just around the corner, cosy fires are warming up pubs, and most importantly there’s all the comfort food you can eat! From Fondue to Tartiflette, Raclette to well, basically, Cheese. Melty, oozy, lovely cheese.

Which got us thinking, what will fuel you on the slopes this winter? We’ll let you guess who we are!*

Apres Animal


Après Animal

You spend most of your time… making friends with the barman.

As your friends drag themselves out of bed, you’re being dragged from the dance floor. As the sun rises, you’re falling over. You start the party, end the party and occasionally ruin the party. You are the Wolf Pack. There are rumours that you’re pretty good on the slopes – stories of naked, midnight descents and jumps off chalet roofs – but nobody knows for sure as they’ve never actually seen you ski.

You’ll be eating: Eating? Eating is Cheating! Pass the Jager! (Who are we kidding, melted cheesey carbs are the BEST way to mop that mess up!)


Mile MuncherMile Muncher

You spend most of your time… racing to make the last lift

You’re capable of taking on most of the mountain, and this year you’re going to cover every last metre. Your gear’s showing signs of wear, but nothing that a bit of gaffer tape won’t fix. With your ‘On the slopes 2015′ playlist blasting through your headphones, you set off each morning for a new peak, only returning when the last lift is called. Unless that is, you miss it.

You’ll be eating: Traditional Tartiflette – let’s face it, you need the carbs to keep you going.


Gadget GuruGadget Guru

You spend most of your time… downloading your tracking data.

If someone’s invented it, you’ve got it. Your jacket has a heating system, your phone has a resort specific GPS system, and your watch projects a hologram of the solar system. You’re indisputably the ‘King of Kit’! If however, your moves leave you a little short of becoming mountain royalty, don’t worry – just wait for reality to catch up to The Matrix, then download any missing ski and snowboard skills direct to your brain.

You’ll be eating: Whatever you want. You’ll have it delivered directly to the slopes via this new app.


The UnstoppablesThe Unstoppables

You spend most of your time… looking for lost gloves

You’re snowstorms of perpetual motion, packing lunches, strapping on boots, and dropping the kids at ski school before fitting in a few short runs yourself. You would take on the Black Diamond but you’ve got to get back for tobogganing. Once the kids are finally asleep, you’ll heroically collapse with a glass of wine, before rapidly falling asleep on the sofa.

You’ll be eating: Fresh baguettes, stuffed with local smoked ham and Swiss cheese, lovingly prepared the night before. Dinner will be a steaming bowl of creamy, cheesy pasta – just grab a hunk of bread and dig in!


Piste PrincessPiste Princess

You spend most of your time… living the high life

Well hello darling! You’ve got winter holidays down to a fine art: catered chalets and 5* hotels, open fires and ice-cold champagne, recovery massages and days in the spa. When you leave your lap of luxury you take to the slopes with grace and elegance. While we arrive at the bottom red-faced and windblown, you arrive looking like you’ve just stepped out of a salon. Which you probably have.

You’ll be eating: You’ll start with breakfast in bed, accompanied with a glass of champagne. A light lunch of fresh smoked salmon will be perfect, with a glass of champagne. And for dinner, mascarpone fondue, it’s SO much lighter then the traditional stuff darling. Where’s that glass of champagne??


*Ok, ok, we couldn’t leave without coming clean. We’re the Après Animal – come on, you’ve seen us at those launch parties, right? We’ll never turn down midnight munchies and hungover cheese fests the day after the night before. GUILTY!

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