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What the Bloggers want for Christmas…


All I want for Christmas…

In our third and final instalment, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite bloggers and influencers to find out what they really really really want this Christmas….


Jules Pearson co-founder of London On The Inside & Comms Director at Ennismore

She’s happiest when eating, drinking and exploring new places. One of our favourite people we’ve met through this blogging lark, I mean, just look at that face.


Selfridges Selection Hamper

This is the hamper to end all hampers. It’s an absolute giant from Selfridges food – my favourite food hall in London. Now who’s gonna read this and secret Santa me one?


Negroni Bianco 

Negroni is still my tipple of choice but I’m not the kinda person who makes cocktails at home. This pre-bottled cocktail means I don’t have to, plus it’s Tony Conigliaro so you know it’ll be quality.


Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Truffles

Chocolates are always a good idea and these casse noisette truffles by French chocolatier Pierre Marcolini are addictive.


Samphire & Salsify

Dominic Rowntree – Samphire and Salsify

Food blogger Dom is always a welcome face at a bloggers breakfast and has impeccable taste when it comes to all things food, drink and travel related. Despite only providing his logo, we can confirm he’s also a good looking chap. This is what he’s after this Christmas…


Sardinian Olive Oil from Vallebona

I recently visited the olive groves in Sardinia to watch the workers shake the trees and collect the olives ready for pressing which was fascinating. The result was some of the finest I’ve tasted, with a real peppery kick, and they sell it at Vallebona deli in SW19. I’d drink it by the gallon load.


Christmas Hamper from Oldroyd 

You can’t beat a hamper, especially at Christmas. Although bigger is often better (Fortnum’s – I’m looking at you) this one from Oldroyd in Islington comes in a tote bag for something a bit different. A bottle of Rimbaud Champagne, Berkswell cheese, tagliarini pasta and black truffle salsa are just a few of the goodies inside.


Oven Mitt from Leon

It’s not all glamour on my Christmas list! My flatmate recently set our old oven gloves on fire (testament to her cooking skills) and we’re yet to find a suitable replacement. Healthy fast-food chain Leon have recently launched a load of vibrant cook and kitchenware and this oven mitt is just what I’m after.


Christy Lam – The Lazy Foodie

London-based food blogger disguised as an engineering student. Follow her for cute brunch places, delicious desserts and everything sweet.


Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box 34 Pc

When it comes to chocolate, I am a loyal fan of Godiva for their deliciously smooth chocolates. That build-up of excitement when choosing a chocolate out of the assorted box just takes Christmas fun up a notch!


6 O’Clock Gin

Favourite drink to order at a bar? Definitely a Gin & Tonic. My favourite time for a G&T is after a long day at school, sitting in my PJs and fluffy slippers. So a bottle of this exquisite floral and citrusy gin is a commodity for my pantry.


Baileys Original Irish Cream

If you don’t know what to get for me, a bottle of Baileys will never go wrong. I love a shot of baileys over ice, in my (morning) coffee, poured over scoops of vanilla ice cream… Another staple in the fridge.


Alice Tate – Flash Anthology

Freelance travel writer, blogger and PR Manager at The Hoxton, you can find Alice blogging over at Flash Anthology. A total mega babe that we love to share a taco with.


Bloody Shiraz Four Pillars Gin

My favourite gin, from a small Australian distillery. And this Bloody Shiraz version – with shiraz grapes from the Yarra Valley is so bloody good. Perfect Sunday afternoon drink.


Coupe Champagne glasses

I’ve dreamt of dreamy champagne glasses for years and now we’ve bought our flat, I feel like they’re finally justified.


Truffle Oil

I LOVE truffle and I feel like truffle oil is an easy way to make the most of the flavour at home. We put it in mash potato – it’s a real weeknight TREAT. Also on chips! Basically, carbs and truffle oil are the way forward!


Poppy D

Founder of the hugely successful WIWT website, Poppy’s currently on mat leave, having grown twins! You can still find her blogging over at or just follow her on Twitter for up-to-date twin spam, we personally can’t get enough.  She kindly took some time out to tell us what’s on her foodie Christmas list this year…


Cartmel Sticky Puddings

I love their toffee pudding but would like to try their ginger pudding too. And the banana pudding. Actually if I could just spend December with all their sticky puddings, custard and a spoon that would be great.


All the cheese

Having been pregnant for what felt like the entirety of 2017, I feel like I have a lot of cheese to catch up on. I’ve particularly missed Roquefort, Danish Blue, brie and chevre. I AM OWED A LOT OF CHEESE.


Decent knives

Our knives are such a mess that my dad has branded them officially dangerous. Whoops! I’d love some really good knives and if I had them I would definitely look after them nicely and keep them sharpened and not just bung them in the dishwasher every five minutes. Honest.


We’ve loved reading what’s on everyone’s Christmas wish list this season and we hope it’s provided a dose of inspiration for those difficult to buy for in your life. We’d like to wish you a fabulous Christmas & we’ll see you back here in the New Year!

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