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What Chef’s Want For Christmas


All I want for Christmas… our favourite foodies reveal what’s on their wish lists.

If you’re not sure what to buy the fashionable foodie in your life this year, fear not, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite people in the food & drinks biz and asked them what they really really want from Santa this year. In the first part of our gifting series we talk to the cooks, writers and food stylists, to give you a healthy dose of inspiration. Over to you…

Anna Jones

Anna Jones

Cook, writer and stylist, the voice of modern vegetarian cooking and the author of the bestselling A Modern Way to Eat, A Modern Way to Cook and most recently her new book, The Modern Cook’s Year which you should buy here (we use her cookbooks more than any other!) She also writes a weekly, well-loved column for the Guardian. Anna believes in putting vegetables at the centre of the table and the unbridled joy of cooking and eating. She lives in Hackney, east London with her husband and young son.


Pottery Bowls

“I ask for one every Christmas so am slowly building a collection. They are so satisfying to eat from or put in the middle of the table for chutney, sauce or yoghurt. Turning Earth on Argall Avenue, E10 has a wonderful Winter Market on 2/3rd December where you can find beautiful handmade pieces or I love the dusty blue of this one by David Mellor Design”.

Fermenting Crock from E5 Bakehouse

“This year I’d love to receive a Fermenting Crock to use to make kombucha and sauerkraut. E5 Bakehouse have some beautiful ones in their shop at the moment. Often referred to as a Weck Jar, they come in various sizes from 290ml to 1590ml.”

Modern Bamboo Steamer

“I am always looking for a great steamer, for cooking veg and at the moment I’m really enjoying making dumplings – always great for a festive party. I have used the bamboo ones for years which are perfectly fit for purpose but would love to receive one of these beautiful steamers by my friend Heidi’s American homeware shop Quitokeeto”.


Donal Skehan Crummbs

Donal Skehan

The TV host & food writer is currently waiting for his wife to give birth (at time of writing!) but kindly took some time out to share what he’ll be gifting the loved ones in his life this year. And if you don’t already follow him on Instagram, go and do that now for HI-larious stories from LA.


Handmade Bowls & Plates

“I’ve just started pottery classes and this is what everyone is going to be getting from me this Christmas!”


Handheld Mandoline

“These little kitchen gadgets come with me everywhere in my kit and are a great stocking filler. They are brilliant for shaving vegetables super finely without having to lug out the larger versions.”


Sourdough Bread Kit

“I’ve been making up a little kit with a sourdough bread proofing basket, a pack of good quality flour and a large jar, the perfect items to get anyone going on making their own sourdough loaf!”


John Gregory-Smith

John Gregory-Smith

Best-selling food writer and chef John Gregory-Smith has recently been dishing up a Moroccan feast at The Great Guns Social, but if you missed him there, you can buy his gorgeous book right here.


A bottle of Gin Mare

“I am not a huge gin drinker, but this stuff is stunning. Made with Mediterranean flavours, like olives, basil and thyme, Gin Mare is wicked to serve with food, Spanish-style, in a huge goblet with loads of ice and fresh lime.”Gin Mare

All the chocolate…

“Christmas isn’t really Christmas without chocolate. I will happily plough through a tin of Celebrations, but I love the richer stuff. Paul A Young is fairly god-like in this department, and I also adore the brand Chocolate and Love.”

Spice Grinder

“Mine is broken. Well it has a hole in the top, which is a bit problematic. But I still use it every day to grind anything from spices to coffee and sundried tomatoes that I use to make red pesto. I bloody love it!”


Rosie Birkett

Cook, food journalist and food stylist, Rosie is also the author of one of our favourite food books of all time, East London Food. You’ll often find her on the TV cooking up a storm and here she shares her Christmas wish list with us.


Nespresso Machine

“I’d also love a Nespresso machine as I am the only one who drinks coffee in my house and it would make my life so much easier.”



Le Creuset Signature Round Casserole Dish in Pink Berry

“For Christmas I would love one of Le Creuset’s beautiful pink berry casseroles – I fell in love with them at the Taste Festival, just such a gorgeous colour, so now!”


Savernake Knife

“I’d also love a new chef’s knife. I’ve been lusting after the Savernake knives which are handmade and can be made completely bespoke to your needs”


Thanks to all of our lovely chefs for taking the time to share their wishlists – we hope Santa is generous this year!

Check back on the site next Friday to find out what the best bartenders and booze hounds are hankering after this festive season…

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