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We drink the best cocktails of our LIFE at Duck & Waffle.

Ok – we have to start with an apology. We STUPIDLY thought that cocktails at Duck & Waffle would probably be average, relying instead on the incredible views to wow punters.

This was before we met the absolute legend that is Richard Woods aka @The_CocktailGuy and Head of Spirit & Cocktail Development at D&W.

We could not have been more wrong and actually went on to try some of THE best cocktails we’ve ever had in our entire life. No REALLY.

Of course it starts with THAT lift ride up to the dizzying heights of the 40th floor of The Heron Tower, if that doesn’t get you ready for a good time, nothing would. It makes us go a bit giggly and we never tire of it.

We were up there to try out the new cocktail menu which has something for both the ‘Anti Resolution’ gang and ‘As Good as its Gets’ for those being a little more mindful or giving dry January a go.

Rest assured whatever camp you’re in, you’ll receive the most perfectly balanced concoction, created with love and enthusiasm from some of the rarest ingredients Rich can think up.

He’s a complete nutter and really doesn’t make life easy for himself. A good example of this would be the Filthy Martini – Rich himself infuses Branston pickle & whole grain mustard into gin to create a completely clear & smooth spirit which is then paired with Grey Goose Vodka & Vermouth and then slow-dripped through crushed oysters shells. AND served with an oyster.

I mean – seriously??

The Bulletproof Old Fashioned was so good I’m looking in to see if it’s possible this can be fitted as a drip.

The tequila slips down, smooth as a Ken Doll, thanks to the fact it’s been washed with butter. It’s given a dash of distilled coffee bitters and a touch of salted maple. It doesn’t get any sexier than this.

I’m just sad that no other bar tender in London will be able to fulfil this order, so thanks Rich, for getting me hooked on something so completely unattainable. (Although not completely unattainable, these are all priced at £14).

Bulletproof Old Fahioned

The non-alcoholic section gets exactly the same attention to detail (but are priced at just £7.50), we’d say it’s the best in London for non-drinkers so no need to avoid that pregnant friend any longer!

Rich takes alcoholic ingredients and removes the alcohol, just leaving the taste (Prosecco Sugar anyone?) – which enables him to come up with some darkly complex virgin drinks you’d be proud to order.

Mind Your Peas & Q’s is a tee-total take on the infamous original and uses Seedlip – a new non-alcoholic spirit which is an incredible infusion of botanicals, similar to Gin. Def one to watch, we’re sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of this little fella so we’re thrilled Rich is using it here.

The Exported Americano shouldn’t work but OF COURSE it does – haven’t you been following the above?! It features cold brew coffee with coriander, distilled pineapple, maple, chartreuse sugar and is lightly carbonated, resulting in a flavour that builds and builds with every sip.

Exported Americano

This menu is only available throughout January so check it out sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.


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