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Wahaca’s Spoon Amnesty returns for 2016

Each year over 5,000 specially designed vibrant and ergonomically pleasing spoons mysteriously disappear from Wahaca restaurants. Once again, the nation’s favourite taco traders are launching a Spoon Amnesty to politely appeal for their return.


For the duration of January, penitent characters who bring a pocketed spoon back to any Wahaca will be rewarded via the medium of free tacos (obviously). No questions asked.


Moreover, the tacos of absolution are not your average tacos. In reward for their candour, repentant spoon swipers will receive the January taco specials (ordinarily £5.95):


  • Achiote cod tacos: MSC cod marinated in achiote and pineapple, served with pineapple and red onion relish and a bright avocado-tomatillo salsa
  • Pig cheek carnitas tacos: Slow-cooked, meltingly soft confit of pork, with citrus & herbs, Mexico City style.


Made with nutritionally dense corn tortillas and MSC certified fish or ethically reared British pork, the tacos are light on the waistline, carbon footprint, of-course wallet, and conscience – and crucially, they’re mind-blowingly delicious. Great as a speedy lunch or with a cold evening beer, for those who are not abstaining.



Not guilty? Wahaca are keen to recognise the restraint of those with saintly souls, as well as those light fingered spoon rustlers. If you’ve not stolen a spoon, you can head into Wahaca and get creative, sketching and sharing a #SpoonCartoon for the chance to win a year’s supply of tacos.


Wahaca welcomes you to the Year of the Taco. Redemption has never tasted so good.

@wahaca #SpoonAmnesty #YearofTheTaco

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