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Virgin Active’s The Pack and In the Kitchen with Kate

We don’t often spend our Friday nights donning lycra and getting sweaty but thanks to Virgin Active’s new cycle-based workout – The Pack – that’s exactly what we found ourselves doing.

The Pack pits three teams against each other. We were part of the Foodie Pack and were pitted against the Fashionistas and the Beauty Bloggers.

You then have four interactive games which are all played out on a big screen in front of you. Lots of lights, pumping music and sweat! It’s all about teamwork so you don’t feel like you’re competing independently, but you get a real buzz out of winning as a team. Which I’m pretty pleased to say – we smashed it. Who’d of thought it from the Foodies aye?

This VIDEO will give you a much better sense of it!


Our team leader, and foodie vlogger Kate has shared some of the scrumptious recipes we enjoyed after the workout…

Peanut Crunch

(Makes 15)
550g 80% Cocoa dark chocolate, broken into chunks
140g Banana chips crushed up
115g Desiccated coconut
170g Protein
250g Peanut butter

Gently melt the chocolate in a pan or a low oven.
You will need to stir the pan occasionally with a wooden spoon.

Remove from the heat.

Add peanut butter and stir through

Next add dry ingredients and mix through

Deposit onto baking tray (no grease proof paper needed) and evenly press ingredients
Let the mixture set for 30 minutes
Slice into squares and store in an airtight container for up to 4 days


This recipe has been specially created by In The Kitchen With Kate with Soulmate Food

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