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Vallebona Pizza Subscription Box


We first discovered the delicious deli Vallebona whilst chomping our way through cheese subscription boxes for the Independent. If you’re local to the SW12 area then lucky you, pop into their Wimbledon shop and go wild! If not however you’ll rejoice at their excellent delivery options – and new for 2018 is a pizza subscription service! Hurrah!

So how does this differ to a regular takeaway pizza you ask? Well, Vallebona kindly package up four partly stone-baked Puglian pizza bases for you, and each month raid their deli for the best Italian ingredients to make up the pizza toppings. You’ll get two recipes with each box, and you simply have to assemble – it’s a doddle. This month we had both a rich tomato base and also a white base.  We got a block of creamy mountain fontina cheese to be shared across both recipes, a tin of passata, the most insanely delicious rosemary porchetta and the fruitiest balsamic vinegar we’ve ever tried. All that we needed to add was the fresh ingredients – in this case a handful of rocket and basil.

They need just 5 mins in the oven at 250 degrees (ideally on a non-fan setting if you have it!) and they came out perfect.

It really was the dreamiest Saturday night in. We reckon this would make the ultimate newlywed present if your budget allows. It ain’t cheap (the yearly subscription is £420 which sounds terrifying but works out at just £8.75 a pizza).


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