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Urban Food Fest

The Urban Food Fest is London’s newest street food night market in the centre of Shoreditch.

Located at the Euro Car Parks on Shoreditch High Street, 1 minute from Cargo and Shoreditch House, you can catch the free Fest every Saturday night from 5pm to Midnight for the next few months.


Every weekend you’ll find a varied 15 of the coolest street food trucks mixing it up. We visited Saturday and were lucky enough to try all of them (I know, I know!!) and can whole heartedly recommend The Grilling Greek for his halloumi wrap & triple cooked feta chips. Or the super friendly duo behind Chapatti Party, serving, yep, you guessed it, Chapatti’s filled with all the best bits of an Indian feast.





The Urban Food Fest was set up by Jessica Tucker who also just happens to be a lawyer. And we pinned her down to ask her a few questions….


Jessica, can you tell us a bit more about why you set up the fest?

I qualified as a Solicitor two years ago and have always been entrepreneurial. I thought the Fest seemed like it would be a lot of fun to do: tasting street food, listening to great bands and having a party every Saturday night to which I could invite all my friends!


Sounds like the perfect reason to us! So what do you think makes a good food fest?

For me, The Urban Food Fest has all the elements of a perfect Fest and Saturday night out: 15 delicious street food trucks serving gourmet cheap dishes, cocktails, wine, beer, live music and fantastic entertainment such as massage girls, face painting and caricature artists; as well as being able to meet lots of new people. The Urban Food Fest is a destination party venue.


If you didnt get peoples attention with cheap dishes and cocktails you definitely have with massage girls! Why did you choose Euro Car Parks as your location?

Being in the heart of Shoreditch, opposite the famous Shoreditch House and 30 seconds from Shoreditch Overground station, and 5 minutes from Liverpool Street Station – it speaks for itself.


Any vendors not at food fest that you would like to be involved?

The fun of the Urban Food Fest is that every single week we have a brand new line up of the best UK street food traders. All the famous faces have already been to the event; Hix Restaurant’s Fish Dog, Streetzza Monster pizza van and Bhangra Burger to name a few. We have many more amazing traders in the pipeline including Burger Bear Tom and Mei Mei Street Cart.


There are so many great names there and lots that many will recognise. 2013 has definitely been a year of the rise of the food vendor, and especially food fests, in London. Where do you think things will go in 2014? Is it a scene that’s going to grow or will it get replaced by another foody trend?

Everyone loves cheap but delicious home-cooked food, with the possibility to try crazy dishes such as frogs legs. With the live music and the opportunity to meet new people on a Saturday night, I don’t see the street food trend dying anytime soon!


Is food the most important thing at a food fest?

On a night out everyone likes good food, cheap drinks and a good time. The Fest encompasses all these things, meaning there is something for everyone!


If you had to snog / marry / kill 3 food vendors. Who and what would you do?

Haha good question… I adore each and every one of my food traders. I hand pick the vans and stalls at the event, so I love them all!

Ahhh, good cop out! 😉 Thanks Jess – see you Saturday!


For more information visit:

Facebook: Urban Food Fest
Twitter: @UrbanFoodFest
Dates: 31st Aug, 7th Sept, 14th Sept, 21st Sept, 28th Sept, 5th Oct, 12th Oct

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